You Must See This One-of-a-Kind Peles Castle in Romania

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This castle isn’t a castle at all, but a Palace!  An eclectic palace that is a beauty to behold.


Stunning hand carved staircase, you’ll never see another one like it.

This castle was commissioned by the King of Romania enlisting carpenters, engineers, artists, and masons from over 14 different nationalities work on it.  The finished product is an eclectic castle with Italian flare, Greek columns, Roman gardens, Polish masonry, and French artistry.  A sight to behold!

peles castle

The exterior masonry was executed by Italian masons.  This would cost approximately over $120 Million to build today.  In fact it is not a castle at all, it is a palace built for King Carol I of Romania.


The terraced gardens are very lush and well manicured, very influenced by the Romans.  The gardens also host fountains, urns, stairways, guarding lions, marble paths, and other decorative pieces.


There are over 4,000 pieces of armor and weaponry displayed on the walls of the armory.


The ceiling of the Grand Hall is comprised of rich colored stained glass.  The interior of the palace is mostly Baroque with heavy carved woods and exquisite fabrics.  Every room is lavishly decorated down to the smallest detail.

The palace is open for guided tours to visitors, Tuesday through Saturday.  It would be a trip to remember!