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The Fairy Tale Castle

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This castle is as old as fairy tales themselves.


If it looks familiar it might be because this is the real castle of Grimm’s Fairy Tale.

The story of its completed restoration of the Lichtenstein Castle could be a fairy tale in its own right.

THE original structure dates back to 1100.  Having been destroyed and rebuilt twice between 1100 A.D. to 1300 A.D.  It was then restored with the most impressive fortifications of the Late Middle Ages.  It contained features such as casemates that made it nearly unassailable.

The current Gothic style of the exterior architecture was commissioned by the Count Wilhem, the first Duke of Urach.  He had a fascination with medieval architecture and desired to increase the castle’s security and defenses so naturally he chose Carl Alexander Heideloff to design the exterior.

Unfortunately this beautiful castle was not spared during the raids of WWII.  It sustained heavy damage.  Thankfully through donations and efforts of so many it was again restored to its current beauty, truly a fairy tale.  It took over 52 years but we think you will agree it was worth it.  The grounds are open to the general public and guests can take guided tours through the castle.