These 21 Abandoned Military Bases Will Leave You Speechless

When wars end, the casualties have been counted and the land has been divided, the military machinery and bases are often left behind.

Maunsell Sea Fort

These abandoned sites are located throughout the world, sitting as stark reminders of everything from the Great World War to the Cold War and beyond. What happens to an armored tank after it sits in the hot desert sun for a decade? What haunts the halls of military hospitals?

Do you dare to visit these abandoned sites? Read on to discover abandoned military bases throughout the world that will leave you in awe.

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Fort Ord

Camp Ord was built during World War I and was initially used as an artillery training field for the army. The camp was expanded in preparation for World War II, and was renamed Fort Ord. After being used for a host of different military training initiatives, this fort was closed in 1994. Many of the buildings sit unused and in various states of decay.

Fort Ord