Land Ho! 47 Shipwrecks You Have to See to Believe

Taking a cruise may seem like a relaxing way to spend the day, but traveling by ship hasn’t always been easy. Throughout history, brave captains have fiercely battled the weather and water. Some have successfully navigated their ships through winding inlets and rocky ports, but not all have had such luck.

Click through this list see some of the most awe-inspiring shipwrecks from around the world. From ancient vessels to newly submerged schooners, these wrecks will make your jaw drop.

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Wreck in the Strait of Magellan

The Strait of Magellan in Chile is home to many shipwrecks. The area is dotted with 41 lighthouses to guide the way for ship captains, but all the lights in the world can’t help novice navigators negotiate the craggy rocks of the coastline.

This hollowed out boat, which may have succumbed to the rocky shoreline, has definitely seen better days.

[Photo: bibliojojo]

Wreck in the Strait of Magellan