These Civil War Facts Will Leave You Speechless

The U.S. Civil War is one of the darkest periods in the nation’s history. The bloody conflict claimed 62,000 lives – nearly half of all the lives claimed in all of the wars fought by the United States. Hailed as the first “modern war,” the weapons and fighting strategies used often left the wounded praying for death to come.


The individual tales of those who fought in the war are filled with bravery, scandal and murder. Think you know the real story of the Civil War? Test your knowledge against these mind-blowing Civil War facts.

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First Assassination Attempt


John Wilkes Booth may get the credit for assassinating Abraham Lincoln, but there were others who tried unsuccessfully before him. He first assassination attempt was planned as Lincoln traveled to his first inauguration, but intrepid investigator Allan Pinkerton of the Pinkerton Detective Agency foiled the plot.

Lincoln narrowly missed a second assassination attempt in August of 1864. Lincoln was riding his house to his summer retreat when someone took aim at him with a rifle. Legend has it that the bullet went through the president’s famous stovepipe hat, leaving his head unharmed.

First Assassination Attempt