12 Eerie Photos of the Haunted Northville Psychiatric Hospital in Michigan

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In Michigan not far from Metro Detroit, stands the Northville Psychiatric Hospital.  Originally opened in 1952 as a large state of the art treatment facility for psychiatric patients, it is now pad locked and patrolled since it’s permanent closure in 2003.  It draws curious onlookers and adrenaline junkies alike to gander within the gates and wander the halls of the many derelict buildings.

The main building boasted 8 stories able to treat 650 patients and even teach the arts and technology.

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The Asylum is a magnet to vandals and trespassers from all around following its closure.  Most rooms with windows have the glass shattered across the floor.

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Patients had an activities building and gym, but most spent their days chain smoking and watching television.  As the budget for mental health decreased patients were put in the gymnasium to sleep.

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There are stories of trespassers hearing voices and footsteps, one even shared that he heard chains.  One history shares that some patients were attacked by staff members and other patients to the point of death.

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As it became over -crowded and under- funded the arts were no longer taught and treatment was no longer given.  This was the theater, there was also a bowling alley, laundry facilities, kitchens, and swimming pool.

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It is now known that patients were forced to sleep in hallways as well.

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Assault, theft, racism, and even rape became commonplace among the patients in this facility.  Little wonder why some say it is haunted by those who never left this derelict place.

This Asylum is a magnet for vandals.

The facility also offered classes to help patients earn college degrees.  This room may have been used for that purpose

Every building and room of this seven mile facility is completely desolate in every way.

There is even a series of underground tunnels that were used to provide heat and electricity from a steam plant.  Pitch black tunnels to explore, now this Asylum is officially the creepiest place.

Those who dare to venture, leave with eerie sounds in their heads and images in their minds that leave them wondering what really happened to the thousands who spent their lives here.

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Drones make it possible for us to view the seven miles of this haunting place from above.

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Creepy, huh?