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Drone Footage Of The Abandoned Charleston Navy Base

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Abandoned-navy-base in Charleston, South Carolina

This once grandiose Naval Base in Charleston, South Carolina is now deserted and desolate.   Video coverage was taken with both drone and handheld video cameras.  The building was once used to house the sailors while they were on base.

The building in the video was converted into an office in 1993 as part of the Base Realignment and Closure Commission.  The entire Charleston Base was closed in 1996.  Following the closer, the entire base was left abandoned.  As you will see in the video footage, the building has been left to decay and fall prey to vandals.

The drone footage allows you to see the exterior as it sits to decay.  The video on foot allows you to peek into the building and see it deteriorating from the inside out.  The past 20 years have been grim for this naval base.
As when most military bases close, it was a hard blow for the community in general.  It has been twenty years since the closure, but Charleston and surrounding communities have come back from this economic hardship. The abandoned buildings of the naval base still stand as a reminder like a coastal ghost town.

Watch the drone footage from R Willy and see the grim reality of the abandoned Charleston Naval Base.