Beautiful Abandoned Places

Architectural follies or the result of family feuds?

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Either way the Ballysaggartmore Towers of Ireland make for a grand entrance.


Who wouldn’t want to take a stroll through this grand gateway into a quaint wooded area for a Sunday afternoon picnic?

Found near Lismore, Ireland these architectural follies stand tall today for all who enter.  They were originally erected as the entrance to the Landlord, Arthur Keily-Ussher’s estate.  He owned a large portion of land and rented it out to local farmers and tenants.  These stately towers were erected as the gateway near the entrance of his property.  Some say it was his way of appeasing his jealous wife whose sister-in-law lived in the Strancally Castle, as the mansion itself was very plain.  Others say he had plans to build an equally impressive mansion but ran out of funds.

Arsons left the house in rubble and all that is left of the estate are these towers and few lodges.  They too however have fallen in to disrepair and provide nothing but a window to the past of what once was.

For now guests can still stroll past the great towers and walk through the nearby woods for a scenic walk away from the city.