35 Eerily Beautiful Abandoned Places

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We as humanity have been creators of magnificent structures only to allow nature to reclaim them.  Reasons for abandonment are many.  These places of art, engineering, and ingenuity give us a window to our past to gaze through as well as the keys to the vulnerability of our future.  With 35 places worldwide, no nation is immune to abandonment.

1.     Kolmanskop, Namibia

Kolmanskop was a booming diamond mining town near the coast.  Following WWII the mines were depleted of their treasures and Kolmanskop became a ghost town.
2.     Chernobyl, Ukraine

In April 1986 the Chernobyl, Ukraine nuclear plant had an explosion, the worst nuclear disaster in history which scored 7/7.  The conditions remain unlivable still today.
3.     Pripyat, Ukraine

Amusement park in Pripyat as part of the exclusion zone following the Chernobyl disaster.
Alexander Blecher
4.     Maunsell Sea Forts, England

Erected during WWII by Britain as a means of defense against air and naval raids should the German forces attempt attacking along the Thames and Mersey rivers.  They were left shortly after the end of WWII in 1950.
5.     Chateau Miranda, Belgium

Chateau de Noisy, formerly known as Chateau Miranda was once a magnificent place in the open country of Belgium. After it was used as a children’s camp for ill children it was given the name Chateau de Noisy.
Pel Laurens
6.     City Hall Subway Top, New York

A lot more time and artistry went into the design of this particular subway stop because of it’s location, under City Hall.  Unfortunately, also because of its location, it was not a very busy stop.  As the speed of the trains increased the curved design used at this stop made it no longer viable.
7.     Tequendema Falls, Colombia

Columbia boasted this magnificent hotel to international visitors who came to see the 157 meter waterfall.
8.     Beelitz, Germany

Tucked away in the forest not too far from Berlin is the Military Hospital of Beelitz, Germany.  Originally used to treat tuberculosis patients until the WWII where it was turned into a military hospital.
9.     Hashima, Japan

Gunkanjima,  Battleship Island, or Hashima Island all are names given to this island off the shore a Nagasaki, Japan.  Once inhabited by thousands who were in the coal mining business.
10.     Sydney, Australia

Nature has reclaimed these 102 year old ships.  They are a permanent part of Homebush Bay in Sydney, Australia.
11.     House of Bulgaria’s Communist Party

This was once the House of Bulgaria’s Communist Party.  With its UFO similarities the exterior is as eerie as the interior.
Natalie Brown
12.     Wonderland, China

China’s Wonderland just outside of Beijing was supposed to be the equivalent to Disneyland.  Unfortunately disagreements over property prices between government and farmers stopped it from ever opening.
13.     Holland Island, Michigan

Holland Island was once a little island community in the Chesapeake Bay area until erosion ate away at the island leaving no room for the homes.  This home too, collapsed in 2010.
14.     Monceau, Belgium

This is part of an old cooling tower of a power station in Monceau, Belgium.
James Mailer
15.     Dreamland, Japan

Inspired by Disneyland, Japan once had its own amusement park that only operated from 1961 to 2006.
Jordy Meow
16.     Cape Romano, Florida

Built off the coast of Florida in Cape Romano, these odd dome shaped structures were built as summer home for Bob Lee in 1981, but have since fallen into disrepair.
17.     Michigan Central Station, Detroit

Michigan Central Station, Detroit. It was built to become the transportation hub of Detroit in1913 but due to engineering oversights it closed in 1988.
Albert duce
18.     New Bedord Orpheum, Massachussetts

Opened in 1912 as a theater and building for entertainment it was in use for nearly 50 years.  After closing its doors as a theater it was used as a storage building and supermarket.
19.     Angkor Temple, Cambodia

Angkor Wat translated means “City of Temples” and rightfully so, this is the world’s largest religious monument.  It has been standing since the end of the 12th century.
Bjørn Christian Tørrissen
20.     Bodiam Castle, England

This is the epitome of what we think when it comes to castles.  It emerges from the mist, surrounded by a moat and has the original military fortifications still in tact, a very impressive structure.
Antony McCallum
21.     Czestochowa, Poland

Where trains go when they are no longer needed, the abandoned train depot.
22.     Sarajevo

Left form the 1984 Winter Olympics.  This bobsleigh track is one of many structures built for the world that has fallen to ruins.
Julian Nitzsche
23.     Craco, Italy

Natural disasters such as landslides, flooding, and finally an earthquake turned this long standing town desolate.   Originally built around the 5th century it stood until 1980.
24.     Antarctica

This yacht remains submerged in the icy waters of Atarctica.
25.     Sorrento, Italy

“Valley of the Mills” that is what this place is known as.  Buried in a deep ravine is where you find this mill that has been standing since 900AD.
26.     Keelung, Taiwan

The residential buildings were left unfinished and had been slowly overtaken by nature.
27.    Russian Rocket Facility

Ever wonder what the inside of highly confidential rocket facilities look like?
28.    New York, New York

This is a building on a small, nearly forgotten completely abandoned, island named North Brother Island.
29.    Lawndale Theater, Chicago

This was once a grand theater built in the center of a thriving community at it prime.
Bryan Krefft
30.     Panvel, India

Built as a fort for the Prime Minister to keep an eye on neighboring settlements, it has been coined the most dangerous fort on earth.   The steps were carved out of the stone they climbed, a tremendous feet in itself.
Rohit Gowaikar

31.     St. Elmo, Colorado

Silver and gold drew thousands to this once booming mining town that is now  serves as a popular tourist stop.
Rolf Blauert
32.     Silver City, Idaho

A silver mining town in the mountains of Idaho remains nearly intact where tourists can walk the streets of the ghost town.  It is over 100 years old and has the original wooden framed buildings lining the streets.
33.     City Methodist Church in Gary

If this looks familiar you may have seen it in Transformers.  In the 1920’2 it cost 1 million dollars to build this church.  It has since been closed and used for multiple movie shoots.
34.     Oregon

Tillamook Rock Lighthouse.  When the original occupants left no one replaces them due to the harsh weather conditions and isolation of this particular light house.

35.    Wyoming

Along the infamous ORegon Trail.  One of tha last original structures built by the immigrants crossing the country.
Anna-Katharina Stöcklin