25 Creepy Abandoned Amusement Parks

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Amusement Parks are a place of chaos, memories, and sometimes danger.  It is no different when they are forgotten.  The chaos turns to weeds and trees that engulf everything.  The memories are of fun times past shrouded with eerie sense of emptiness.  The danger that caused many parks to close becomes more ominous as they stand derelict and inviting trespassers and vandals to tour and tag their grounds.

Our 25 Parks take you around the world some with exclusive drone video footage.

1.      Geauga Lake, Ohio

Drone footage by a Marc Yeager who spent his childhood summers at the park.

Chris Hagerman

Jeremy Thompson / Flickr
Entrance of the park.

Jeremy Thompson
Batman flight ride over a decade ago, it was then under the name of Six Flags, though the locals have always known it as Geauga Lake.

2.     Kejonuma Leisure Land, Japan

21tscott / abandoned-amusement-parks.wikia.com
Ferris wheels are cool but when there is no view, just empty field in all directions, not so much.

Derelict train ride for small children, overgrown by weeds.

3.     Pripyat Amusement Park, Ukraine

This park was finished but never opened its doors to the public.  It was completed just before the Chernobyl disaster of 1986.


Pedro Moura Pinheiro
Overgrown bumper cars.

4.     Williams Grove Amusement Park, Pennsylvania

dfirecop / Flickr
The Cyclone was the crown of the park for decades.

dfirecop / Flickr
The park was rebuilt after Hurricane Agnes in 1972.

This video footage shows more of the abandoned park of Williams Grove.

5.     Six Flags New Orleans, Louisiana

It was flooded for weeks following Hurricane Katrina.

Another victim of Hurricane Katrina that resulted in abandonment was the popular six flags park.

John Von Curd / Flickr
It is now a magnet for vandals and taggers alike.

Sumner Caughey / Flickr
6.     Takakanonuma Greenland, Japan

abandonedplaces / tumblr.com
Only in operation for 25 years it has since been left to rust out.

abandonedplaces / tumblr.com
7.     Umoja Children’s Park, Chake-Chake, Pemba Island, Zanzibar

8.     Nara Dreamland, Japan

Perhaps one of the creepier images of the yesteryears of rollercoasters.

Nature is reclaiming what was once hers.
JP Haikyo / Flickr
9.     Spreepark, Berlin, Germany

Found in east Berlin from the socialist era this amusement park is deep in slumber.

Tourists can still take tours through the defunct park.  Some say the government is prohibiting it from restoring and reopening, what ever the reason it would take a lot to get it up and running again.

10.     Joyland Amusement Park, Kansas

The glory days of this park were long before the thrill rides of today.

An original classic white roller coaster

11.     Lincoln Park, Massachusetts

The Lincoln Comet Rollercoaster was the star of the amusement park for years.  It was so well engineered and built it ran for  years.

Thomas Byrne

Its Heyday was in the 1960’s and

12.    Gullivers Kingdom, Japan

Old Creeper / Flickr
Built in the shadows of Mount Fuji it is he white elephant of Japan.  Enchanting guests for only 10 years after using a great deal of government  stimulus money to build it.

It turned into a failure and now little remains of the theme park.

13.     Chippewa Lake Amusement Park, Ohio

Chippewa Lake Amusement Park / Facebook
Probably one of the longest running amusement parks in the United States.  Opened and running for 100 years.

Now there remains derelict buildings, rusted rides and a lot of empty property sprawling along the Ohio lakeshore.

14.     Disney’s River Country, Florida

Avid Disney fans knew abou this park when it was open and available to entertainment as an addition to Walt DIsney World.

What was supposed to be an adventure theme park in Florida with an island in the center turned south once brain eating amoeba were found in the nearby water.

Tri-circle-D / disboards.com
15.     Heritage USA, South Carolina

The unusual thing about this amusement park was who built it, a televangelist, Jim Bakker.  This castle was the Christian arcade.  Their missions tatements says it was built for the purpose of offering good family fun in christian surroundings.

16.     Dogpatch, Arkansas

A wild west themed park built around the “Lil’ Abner” comic strip.  By the time it closed no one even knew who or what Lil’ Abner was.

kenzie campbell
17.     Dunaujvarosi Vidam Park, Hungary

18.     Wonderland, China

What was supposed to be the equivalent to Disneyland in China, but never even opened the gates to the public.  Only the castle and main entry buildings were started but not even they were completed.

What was going to be the storefronts along the main entryway.

19.     Dadipark, Belgium

janheuninck / Flickr
It opened under the premise that it be an affordable play place for young children.  Over the fifty years running it gradually increased in size and scope.

nnes / Flickr
Following a rash of accidents, one of which tore an arm off a boy, the park was closed.

20.     Okutama Ropeway, Japan

We have seen abandoned parks, but this one isn’t just abandoned, it is forgotten.

Nearly fully overgrown, you would never know this used to be a place of entertainment.

21.     Rocky Point Park, Rhode Island

Lolly’s Project / brown.edu
This park was put on the map with its state of the art rides.  Freefall made its first debut and is currently in many Six Flags parks now.

Lolly’s Project / brown.edu
Following its closure some of the rides were auctioned to other amusement parks.

Lolly’s Project / brown.edu
22.     Holy Land, Connecticut

Don’t let the title fool you, this is not in Jerusalem.

Nothing says fun like Bible Studies on steroids with rides and replicas form The Holy Land.  Believe it or not in its glory days it attracted over 40.000 visitors a year.

Ray Bendici / damnedct.com
Year by year it falls into further disrepair.

23.     Miracle Strip Amusement Park, Florida

Dante’s inferno is worthy of mention as a ride housed by the Miracle Strip Amusement Park.

stevesobczuk / flickriver.com
The Starliner was a classic wooden rollercoaster that nearly rana the full length of the park.

24.     Two Rocks, Australia

Atlantis Theme Park watched over by a larger than life statue of Kind Triton himself.

Tor Lindstrand / Flickr
It was one of the first Marine Parks with dolphins and other marine life.  New laws for marine life enclosures increased the cost to maintain the park so it eventually closed.

25.     tx. Huong Thuy, Vietnam

Vietnam has its own feral derelict fun land.